Mislav Brumec

Dora Delbianco

Ana Tonković Dolenčić

Goran Ferčec

Tajana Gašparović

Miro Gavran

Sanja Ivić

Ivana Ivković

Nives Madunić

Pavo Marinković

Ivor Martinić

Dubravko Mihanović

Nina Mitrović

Ivana Sajko

Lana Šarić

Katja Šimunić

Tena Štivičić

Asja Srnec Todorović

Željka Turčinović

Željka Udovičić

Dubravka Vrgoč

Ivan Vidić

Mislav Brumec playwright, dramaturg, editor at Croatian Television. The author of awarded and many times republished play “The death of Ligeia” (“Smrt Ligeje”) (1993). Other prominent plays include: “Kidnapping”, “Francesca da Rimini”.

Dora Delbianco writes for theatre, film and television. She is employed as dramaturg in the Satirical Theatre ˝Kerempuh˝ since 2012. She is also attending the fourth year of education in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Ana Tonković Dolenčić dramaturg, screenwriter and playwright, the author of numerous dramatic adaptations and dramatizations published in the book “Prepričavanja” (“Retellings”) (2008). Employed as a dramaturg in the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

Goran Ferčec dramaturg, playwright and novelist, the author of numerous theoretical texts, interviews and reviews. The author of the play “The letter to Heiner Müller” (2011) and the novel “There will be no miracles here” (2011).

Tajana Gašparović dramaturg employed as editor of Drama programme of Croatian Radio. The author of numerous adaptations and dramaturgies in Croatian theatres. Also works as an acclaimed theatre critic, moderator of round table discussions and public talks.

Miro Gavran playwright, screenwriter and novelist, the most frequently performed Croatian author abroad, whose works have been translated to more than 30 languages. He was also engaged as the dramaturg and director of &TD theatre, founder of Epilog theatre and Theatre Gavran.

Sanja Ivić dramaturg, screenwriter and translator, employed as the Director of Drama at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. She is the author of numerous dramatizations in the Croatian National Theatre as well as other theatres in Croatia. She is also the author of the book “Jesetre drugorazredne svježine” (2004) in which she problematizes the ways of adapting prose fiction.

Ivana Ivković is a dramaturg whose interests lay on the intersections of theater, contemporary dance and sound art.

Nives Madunić playwright and dramaturg, writes plays, essays, theatre reviews. She is an editor of Croatian Radio, and she published several novels for children and teenagers.

Pavo Marinković playwright and screenwriter, won the award “Marin Držić» five times, and is acknowledged for the plays «Filip Oktet «and «Glorijeta». His screenwriting debut was in 2001 with the film: «Ajmo, žuti», and he is also the author of the script for award-winning film: «Trešeta» (2006).

Ivor Martinić playwright and dramaturg of the youngest generation, the author of acclaimed plays such as “A play about Mirjana and the ones around her” (2010) and “My son just walks a bit slower” (2011).

Dubravko Mihanović poet, dramaturg and playwright of a significant opus, acclaimed for the plays «Bijelo» («White») (1998) and «Žaba” («The Frog») (2004). He is the dramaturg of the City Theatre Gavella, and the author of numerous dramatizations both in Gavella, and in other Croatian theatres. He received many awards and acknowledgments for his work.

Nina Mitrović, playwright and dramaturg whose plays have been staged in Croatia and abroad. The author of award-winning plays such as 'Neighbourhood Upside Down' (2003), 'This Bed Is Too Short or Just Fragments' (2006), 'Encounter' (2013) and 'How's Life' (2016). She is also the author of children's plays, radio plays and radio documentaries.

Ivana Sajko playwright, prose author and dramaturg, the author of numerous award-winning works performed in Croatia and abroad, such as «Woman-bomb» (2003), «Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose» (2008) and «Scenes with an Apple» (2009). She is a co-founder of theatre company BADco., where she had been active as dramaturg and director.

Lana Šarić playwright, screenwriter and dramaturg. Her debut play was «Iphigenia» in 2005. She is the author of documentary film «Klasa optimist» (2010) and one of the founders of web portal for Croatian drama

Katja Šimunić dance practitioner (choreographer and director) and theoretician (independent researcher, editor in Kretanja/Movements dance magazine) she analyzes dance transdisciplinary, positioning it to other arts, media and discourses.

Tena Štivičić playwright and dramatug whose plays have been produced in Croatia and abroad. Her debut play was “Can’t escape Sundays” (1999). Other acclaimed plays include “Fragile” (2005), which received numerous international awards, “The Fireflies” (2007) and “Invisible” (2011). She also authored a collection of plays “Two and others” (2008).

Asja Srnec Todorević dramaturg and film director, internationally acclaimed author of award-winning plays such as: «Mrtva svadba» (1990), «Zamah» (1996) and «Dodir» (1999).

Željka Turinović is a distinguished dramaturg, especially esteeemed for the promotion of contemporary Croatian playwrighting abroad. She is an editor of Drama programme of Croatian radio, theatre journal “Kazalište”, the president of Croatian ITI Centre.

Željka Udovičić dramaturg for theatre, television and film, brought to fruition a respectable series of dramaturgies for performances in Croatia and abroad. She was the Assistant to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, and the artistic adviser of the City Drama Theatre Gavella. As a dramaturg, she regularly collaborates with Paolo Magelli.

Dubravka Vrgoč dramaturg, theatre critic and agile director of the Zagreb Youth Theatre. She is the author of several plays, and worked as dramaturg for Drama programme of Croatian television. Together with Ivica Buljan she is a founder, artistic director and curator of the World Theatre Festival, founded in 2003.

Ivan Vidić playwright, screenwriter and novelist, the author of a number of award-winning plays such as “Harpa» (1991), «Groznica» (1995), «Ospice» (1997), “Veliki bijeli zec» (2004) and «Dolina ruža» (2010).