Promoting American Arts and Education GRANT



Embassy of the United States has awarded professor Marin Blažević and Dramaturgy Department the GRANT Promoting American Arts and Education for the project:

INTRODUCING DRAMATURGY STUDIES - a new interdisciplinary field of artistic and academic research


Given the present upswing of international publications and discussions onits interdisciplinary character and expanding reach, dramaturgy is becoming a paramount vehicle and object of artistic and scholarly research in the realm of performance. It is no overstatement that we might be on the threshold of a dramaturgical turn in performative artistic practices and accompanying or anticipating theories, as well as in devising, analyzing and applying performance in the broader spectrum of culture, beyond the purview of art and the economies of its production and reception. Dramaturgy presents manifold challenges to dramatic criticism, theater studies and performance studies (and to related fields such as social science, media and cultural studies), the vital one being their inevitable interdependence in academic discourse as well as their imperative dependence on the artistic practice and performance-based research. Therefore, consideration and conceptualization of Dramaturgy Studies turns to be a process of major relevance. The research scope of Dramaturgy Studies will include different histories and theories of dramaturgy, its extending and shifting notion and practice, its features and functions, competences and problems in performing arts, as well as in cultural performances other than theatre, dance and performance art (such as sports, religious rituals, political spectacles, entertainment industry, pedagogical formats etc.). Dramaturgy Studies will spotlight dreamaturgy's intermediateness, a sort of a double competence in-between theory and practice, critical reflection and embodiment, knowledge exploration and production on one side, and artistic inspiration and execution on the other. This project will foster interdisciplinary study of dramaturgy in Croatia and generate collaboration with fellow researchers, both academics and artists, from around the world, and especially from the most prestigious universities in the United States.



The initial phase of the project includes a series of four visits by distinguished professors of dramaturgy, theater and performance studies during the forthcoming academic year. Each of the guests will give a public lecture for students and faculty of the Academy and University of Zagreb, as well as the general audience, and conduct a  workshop or  seminar for students of dramaturgy.


1. Christian Parker

- Chair of Theatre Arts Program and Head of Dramaturgy Concentration at

Columbia University School of the Arts; Associate Artistic Director at the AtlanticTheater Company

- focus on New York theater, new playwrights and production dramaturgy

- 25 – 30 November 2013 // 5 – 16 May 2014


2. Sarah Bay-Cheng

- Professor of Theatre and the Founding Director for the Techne Institute for Art

and Emerging Technologies at the University at Buffalo

- focus on performing arts and emerging technologies

- 16 – 21 December 2013


3. Tracy C. Davis

- Ethel M. Barber Professor in Performing Arts at Northwestern University;

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, The Graduate School of Northwestern


- focus on performance and theater in historical paradigms

- 10 – 13 March 2014


4. Branislav Jakovljević

- Stanford University, Theater and Performance Studies Department

- focus on the politics of performance

- 24 – 29 March 2014

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